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About Style by Nicky, the Brand.

We are a Dutch company based in Almere, Style by Nicky is a sister company of van Gelder Graphics, based the Netherlands. We create  graphic design and fashion design. Nicky is a creative spirit with several Passions and interests like Art and Photography. Here you find some of her Fashion Items, Jewelry and Art on Posters and cool Home Products. The designs are based on the alternative styles in fashion and music!

Nicky followed the Fashion Design school and gradiuated on 2 different areas. Graphic Design & Fashion design. After school she started to work in fashion stores as a sales women but soon she started to work as a manager. She worked for some big international and national brabds which are big in the fashion industry.Later she started her own Fashion Brand and Graphic design company. Besides that Nicky also is an independant FM Distributor.She has a webshop under the name: FM Treasures! Please feel free to follow Nicky on the socials platforms!